Up to date sales data farmers can rely on.

Cloud Yards formed Tallybook to give farmers sales data that is both up to date and relevant to their operation. With data insights from Tallybook farmers gain confidence in their buying and selling decisions.

Contact your local stock agent to register on Cloud Yards and gain access to Tallybook's free market reports.

How much?

3 years of pricing trends in easy to read graphs

Sell now?

Price movement indicator for trending values

How long?

Heat indicator monitors the average sale duration

The details

How much does Tallybook cost?

Our basic reporting and newsletter are always free. We plan to bring you premium content in the future.

Does your market data cover the whole country?

No, the trades are North Island focused. However, some of the livestock is sourced from the South Island.

Where does your data come from?

Sales data currently comes from Cloud Yards only. We have chosen to focus on data we can 100% trust and rely on. Alternate reliable sources may be considered in the future.

Why do I need this report when I already get reports from the saleyards?

Sales yards data has two major limitations: 1) You have to wait for the sale to happen. 2) The stock sold may not be representative of the the broader market. Our reporting covers a large range and volume of trades and updates daily. You can also review all the individual sales to get a sense of the quality of stock being sold.

Getting started

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Quickstart Guide: Summary screen overview

Run time: 2m 46s

Learn how to navigate and interpret the data presented on the Summary screen.

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Quickstart Guide: Report page overview

Run time: 2m 38s

Learn how to navigate and interpret the data presented on the Report screen.

Have more questions? Email the Cloud Yards team.