Animal Welfare Policy

1. Application of Animal Welfare Policy

1.1 This Animal Welfare Policy applies to Contracts, for the sale and purchase of Livestock, formed using the Cloud Yards Platform.

1.2 Terms defined in the Terms of Website Use have the same meaning in this Animal Welfare Policy.

2. Standards of Animal Welfare

2.1 All Users of the Cloud Yards Platform (including their employees, contractors, and Agency) must comply, at all times, with the following in respect of Livestock subject to Contracts, for sale and purchase, formed using the Cloud Yards Platform:

2.1.1 Animal Welfare Act 1999;

2.1.2 Transport within New Zealand, Code of Welfare; and

2.1.3 Dairy Cattle, Code of Welfare; and

2.1.4 Deer, Code of Welfare; and

2.1.5 Sheep and Beef Cattle, Code of Welfare.